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Oil Field Tent Rentals & Gas Structure Tents

At 247 Tents, we understand time and budget constraints are critical for oil and gas companies, and our teams can install a structure to fit your needs quickly.

We offer temporary fabric structure tents for the oil and gas industry when your site is preparing for refinery turnarounds, plant shutdowns, or other weather delays.

Our oil field tent rentals meet the unique demands of the oil and gas industry. With over two decades of experience, we know the importance of durable, reliable, and functional temporary structures in this sector.

Industrial tents serve as operational hubs, storage spaces, and protective covers for equipment and personnel in oil fields and terminals. Whether you need a lunch area for your crew, a temporary warehouse, or a weather-resistant shelter, our tents ensure your operations continue smoothly under any conditions.

One of the distinct features of our tents is their climate control capability. Our climate-controlled tents create comfortable environments for workers.

Whether for oil terminal tent rental, ClearSpan tent rental, or otherwise, our services are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. We offer both short-term and long-term rentals, ensuring we can accommodate your project timeline and budget.

Finally, our tents will help protect your operations from wind, rain, and cold.

Our rugged and durable tent solutions are ready to help boost your bottom line
and keep your projects on track.

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Protect from the Weather with a Tent

Adding a tent, or tents, to your site allows you to protect your project deadlines and give

your crew(s) the ability to work through weather conditions that would normally put your project on hold.

Our engineered fabric structures are rugged and durable enough to keep your job moving and your crews comfortable.

Tents can be customized with options such as lighting packages, doors, flooring, and climate control packages

to help increase crew productivity or to control temperature to protect the materials you are working with.

On-site Temporary Structure Tents

Storage and break rooms are almost always required for any oil & gas project.

Having the option to store your equipment and materials on-site

in a quick and cost-efficient way is imperative to a successful project.

Structure tents can be installed on-site in a matter of days, for more last-minute needs, or weeks.

Generally, the more lead time you provide, the more cost savings you recognize.

Temporary structures can be installed on almost any ground surface, giving you the flexibility to place

the tent in a location that will be most beneficial to your project's specific needs and requirements.

In most cases, leasing a temporary structure tent as your warehouse, protection from weather,

or an on-site break room is the easiest and most cost-effective option to keep your project—and budget—on track.

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