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At 247 Tents, we rent, lease, and sell structure tents to create the event space you want and need. Whether you’re looking to expand your venue or add a tented option for your client’s event, we will help you with your tent needs and keep your business growing.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, 247 Tents has consistently delivered outstanding solutions for event tent rental needs in the entertainment and hospitality sector. Our tents—perfect for movie productions, hotels, resorts, and other venues—provide an exceptional temporary space solution for any project.

Temporary structure tents can unlock new possibilities you never knew you had at your venue! Allowing you to customize your space like you never knew you could will help grow your client base and bring in amazing new events.

Whether you have a wedding venue, golf course, country club, stadium, arena, bar, restaurant, hotel, and more, we cover it all.

Our restaurant tent rentals can transform your establishment’s outdoor space into an elegant dining area, offering a unique and memorable experience for your guests. And if you’re planning a wedding, our wedding tent rentals can create a magical and intimate atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.

In the case of large-scale events, our arena tent rentals provide ample space and can accommodate a vast audience, making them an ideal choice for concerts, festivals, or sports events.
Our high-quality, modular, and customizable tent solutions are ready to help boost your bottom line and keep your space optimized and growing.

Choose 247 Tents for your event tent rental needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your event is nothing short of spectacular.

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Protect from the Weather with a Tent

Adding a tent, or tents, to your venue helps you protect against event cancellations by giving

your client the covered space they need in order to host the event through certain weather conditions

that would normally put your event on hold—or cancel it altogether.

Our engineered fabric structures are made of high-quality materials durable enough to keep

your event on schedule and your guests comfortable.

Our tents can be customized with options such as lighting packages, doors, flooring, and climate control

packages to help increase your guests' comfort and make your events even more memorable.

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