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At 247 Tents, we take pride in responding quickly when called on to supply tents for emergency and disaster relief situations.

We know how important it is to respond quickly.

For two decades, 247 Tents has been at the forefront of providing essential fabric structures for emergency response and disaster relief efforts. Our emergency tent rental service meets the dynamic needs of these crucial operations.

Whether used for field operations, base camps, dining halls, sleeping facilities, laundry facilities, medical tents, or storage and warehouse space, our engineered fabric structures meet the evolving demands of disaster relief operations. The adaptability of our structures ensures that teams can efficiently use them in various disaster relief scenarios.

Our medical tent rental service is particularly beneficial in emergency situations. These customizable tents provide a secure, controlled environment for medical personnel to administer care and for patients to recuperate.

We’re ready to help with our quick response and installation times. We understand the urgency of disaster relief operations and the importance of a swift setup. Our team ensures that your temporary structures are up and running right away, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Being modular and customizable, we can work with you to ensure a secure and functional environment. Our tents will help protect and organize your operations, making sure you and your team can provide the help needed to the communities you serve.

Our rugged and durable tent solutions are ready to be deployed to your camp. From dining facilities to temporary medical and sleeping tents, we’re here to help.

Partner with 247 Tents for your emergency response tent rental needs to work with a company that understands the intricacies of emergency and disaster relief operations.

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Organize and Protect Your Team with Tents

Adding a tent, or tents, to your site allows you to protect your teams from the weather and

other elements; helping to keep them comfortable, rested, and ready to perform.

Our engineered fabric structures are rugged and durable enough to be used as long as you need.

We can provide routine maintenance checks on long-term sites to ensure you have what's needed to keep going.

Tents can be customized with options such as lighting packages, doors, flooring, and climate control packages

to ensure your operations run smoothly and to help protect you from the different circumstances you may face.

On-site Temporary Structure Tents

Dining, medical, and laundry facilities are almost always required for emergency and disaster relief operations.

Giving your team an organized and safe place to rest and refuel

is imperative to being successful and efficient at their jobs.

Temporary Fabric Structures can be installed rapidly, if needed, and are

capable of staying up as long as you need them for your recovery operation.

Temporary structures can also be installed on almost any ground surface, giving you the flexibility to place

the tent in a location that will be most beneficial to your teams' specific needs and requirements.

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