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Manufacturing Facility & Industrial Commercial Tent Rental

At 247 Tents, we can customize our fabric structures to use as a temporary manufacturing facility, additional warehouse space, production area, break room build-out, and much more. Our business specializes in industrial tent rental, offering robust and versatile solutions tailored specifically for manufacturing facilities and industrial businesses. With over two decades of industry experience, we understand the unique requirements of your operations.

Our fabric tents provide several advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. These include ease of construction and deconstruction, lightweight design, and exceptional durability and strength. They offer spacious interiors that can benefit a variety of projects.

Used for small or large-scale applications alike; including extra warehouse storage, equipment storage, automotive applications, remodel storage or break rooms, fabrication, welding, distribution facilities, temporary office space, and more.

We have solutions for manufacturing companies that require high-quality, customizable, durable, and modular engineered structure tents. Our fabrication tents can meet your specific needs, no matter the demands of the project. Whether you require additional space for staging, materials storage, or any other purpose, our manufacturing facility tent rentals offer the flexibility you need.

Since our tenting is modular, we can accommodate the rapid growth of your facility and supply options as they become necessary.

Whether you need a temporary solution during facility expansion
to keep production moving or a temporary warehouse to store
product overflow or equipment, we’re ready to help.

Choose 247 Tents for all your industrial tent rental needs and experience the difference of working with a company that puts your business first.

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Protect from the Weather with a Tent

Adding a tent—or tents—to your site allows you to protect your project deadlines and give

your crew(s) the ability to work through weather conditions that would normally put your project on hold.

Our engineered fabric structures are rugged and durable enough to keep your job moving and your crews comfortable.

Tents can be customized with options such as lighting packages, doors, flooring, and climate control packages

to help increase crew productivity or to control temperature to protect the materials you are working with.

On-site Temporary Structure Tents

Having the option to expand your facility quickly

and cost-effectively, is imperative to a successful project.

Structure tents can be installed on-site in a matter of days, for more last-minute needs, or weeks.

Generally, the more lead time you provide, the more cost savings you recognize.

Temporary structures can be installed on almost any ground surface, giving you the flexibility to place

the tent in a location that will be most beneficial to your project's specific needs and requirements.

In most cases, leasing a temporary structure tent as your warehouse, protection from weather,

or an on-site break room is the easiest and most cost-effective option to keep your project—and budget—on track.

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